Ed Ryland
Singer / Songwriter

            About the Artist

1 Have the Faith
Driving song about OT people who had extraordinary faith

2 Work Within Us Now
Plea to the Spirit of God to work in and among us to build the Church

3 Freely Given
Teach us how to laugh and sing and to teach each other how to sing along

4 Be Still
I'm always here, always taking your part

5 Get Down Devil
Up-tempo rockabilly song declaring Christians have work to do

6 Mansion of Many
Contrast the lonely mansion on a hill with the modest dwelling where people love each other with Christ in their midst

7 Wings of the Eagle
No longer in the wilderness - he has carried us awayi

8 Hard to Imagine
Difficult to conceive of life without Jesus

9 I Am Your Redeemer
From Isaiah 43:  I've paid your ransom and you shall be free!

10 Eagle's Song
God tends his children like the eagle tends and teaches its young

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My wife Pat and I are parents of three and grandparents of nine.  We all live in or near Monroe, Louisiana, where I am retired from University of Louisiana - Monroe where I was professor and department head of Radio-Television-Film.

I began writing songs in the early '70s, several of which were recorded by my Arkansas group Sugarhill.  My first gospel tune, "Man by the Stream," was a regional favorite which encouraged me to try my hand at more serious Christian music.  Over the past twenty years I've has written dozens of songs, many of which are recorded in collections featured on this website.

Some years ago, after experience playing in various venues, I began leading music in the Cursillo Movement and later, in the Kairos Prison Ministry.  I am presently a worship leader in my church and continue to volunteer in Cursillo and Kairos, often leading worship at those events.

I've had opportunity to present workshops and have led music for Kairos Prison Ministry International's Summer Conference.  I traveled to South Africa as part of the American team to help introduce the Kairos ministry in Africa.  I also was a trainer for Kairos in Alaska.

I've had Y-WAM  training and was a short-term missionary to Kenya, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic.  My main interests these days are family and music.

God's blessings ... and thanks for visiting my site -- Ed

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