Ed Ryland
Singer / Songwriter

I think we all enjoy music that feeds our soul and our spirit in some way.  My music, both Christian and secular, has grown out of my Southern roots and reflects the values with which I was raised.  As an Arkansas farmboy I listened to blues and the Grand Ol Opry, classical and pop and stood between my parents singing hymns on Sunday.  Rock & roll was the staple during my teen and college years with folk and Woodstock helping to shape my style.  My music is mostly reflective, evoking images and emotions, but often driving and now and then a bit whimsical.  Acoustic instruments characterize the music with keyboards and electric guitar adding body and the occasional solo.  From ballad to country to rock, there's something for just about everyone.

As you can see from the photos, I take great joy in music -- and have come to realize over the years that all worthwhile music comes from God and should be offered back up to Him whenever and wherever it's sung.

Click on titles to hear samples of SHINE THROUGH ME
1   Praise God, Holy Name
2   Journey
3   Every Time
4   Come Holy Spirit
5   Singing Our Part
6   Shine Through Me
7   Holy Word of the Lord
8   Honor Me
9   Lay Your Burdens Down
10 Child of God 
11  Blessed is Your Name

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