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Windsongs: Learning CDs for 200 Praise and Worship Songs  was created specifically to help singers and musicians learn songs.  A great resource for churches and individuals, this 3-CD set contains verse and chorus to a wide variety of praise and worship songs, from the beloved standard "Blessed Assurance" to the powerful contemporary hit "Awesome God."  Each set contains an alphabetical index which gives CD and track for each song, plus an index of titles by CD, to make finding songs quick and easy.
    Cost for the 3 CD set is $50, which includes postage anywhere in the continental United States.

Order your set from www.CdBaby.com
and begin learning songs you always wanted to sing.  Want a look at the index?  Email me at windsongs1.

Note: A great source for lyric sheets is Christian Copyright Licensing International (enter "CCLI" in your web browser).

Here's my newest album, a collection of home-grown songs to delight and perhaps evoke recollections of your own.  The acoustic tracks from  top-flight musicians are a treat.

Click on song titles for samples.

Roses and Memories
1.  Country School
2. Song Time
3. Neighbors
4.  Rocky Bayou
5.  Roses & Memories
6.  Natural Child
7.  Arkansas Girl
8.  Great Eagle
9.  Good Good Woman
10.  Sweet Delta Land

This album available at www.CdBaby.com
Contact Ed at windsongs1@comcast.net 

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